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Commercial Vehicles

Here at Kennedy Brothers we will gladly take care of your commercial vehicle whether it servicing, MOT, repair & more.
We have a 4 tonne ramp ready and waiting, plus from our knowledge of our current commercial vehicle customers. We are equipped in your working day needs & making being without your vehicle easier:

  • Collection & Delivery available
  • Free run to (local address) whether home or work
  • Replacement Vehicles available by arrangement (daily charges apply)
  • Waiting appointments ( early morning slots from 8am / be first in workshop )
  • Leave vehicle with us on days off / holidays - fully secure and locked away overnight.
  • Free postal / e mail service and Mot reminders - one less thing to worry about remembering.

2 Year Servicing

Newer Commercial Vehicles have moved on in technology and when you purchased your vehicle maybe you were told servicing was every two years / 30000 miles (whichever event happens first). This is correct, but did you know you need a CV inter check between services? At £75 + vat, it keeps warranty status validation & 12 months roadside assistance renewal option.

Ford Commercial Vehicle Servicing Schedule (2 year);
1 Year or 15 000 mile - CV Inter Check
2 Year or 30 000 mile - Service (parts change)
3 Year or 45 000 mile - CV Inter Check
4 Year or 60 000 mile - Service (parts change)
And so on......
A Commercial Vehicle (CV) inter check has no parts changed but includes following benefits at no extra cost;

  • Ford generated safety checklist carried out
  • Ford outstanding field service action check & completion if applicable
  • Ford latest programme & module updates carried out where available improving vehicle running, performance and efficiency.
  • Free 12 months / 15 000 mile Ford roadside assistance incl. home start covering UK and Europe renewal.
  • 30 point visual health check - lights, levels, brakes, suspension, tyre tread, battery, antifreeze test + much more with printed report given to customer.
Inter Check:
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