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2 Year Servicing

For Commercial Vehicles - please see Commercial Vehicle tab.

Passenger Vehicles;
With some select newer vehicles their technology has moved on that servicing is now every 2 years or 18 000 miles (whichever event happens first).

Did you know there is a helpful / beneficial in-between service ‘Convenience Check’ available - recommended every 9000 miles or bi-annual.

Convenience Check £90.00 (Genuine Ford Parts, Labour and VAT incl.)

Includes Following;

  • 30 point visual health check - levels, lights, brakes, suspension, battery test, antifreeze test, tyre tread + much more with printed report given to customer.
  • Inclusive free top ups - up to 1 litre oil, 500 ml coolant and 500 ml screen wash where necessary.
  • Outstanding field service action check & completion where applicable.
  • Latest programme & module updates improving vehicle running, performance and efficiency.
  • Renewal of free 12 months / 9000 miles Ford roadside assistance incl. home start covering UK and Europe.

2 Year Passenger Service Schedule Example;

1 Year or 9000 mile - convenience check
2 Year or 18 000 mile - Service (parts change)
3 Year or 27 000 mile - Convenience Check
4 Year or 36 000 mile - Service (parts change)
And so on .................................

Convenience Check:
Other Work / Notes:
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